by Guest Blogger, Burt

My mom and dad had to find some way of coping with Puppyitis.

Mom got it when she spent some months with Aunt Seester and Uncle Jeremiah and their two crazy  Airedales, Lizzie and Gus — the insane doggie duo. Lizzie has an Arf-overbite that she likes to attack  you with in the morning when she’s wound up. She snarfs your head. Snarf? Yep.  It’s like she’s eating an ear of corn; she takes tiny non-bites against your  head and the back of your neck. I swear she’s chuckling the whole time  she’s doing it, which makes it very hard not to completely lose it with  laughter.

Gus is a big palooka of a dog. He thinks he’s the  size of a toy poodle the way he jumps around and leans against you. At  eighty-five pounds, that self-image couldn’t be farther from the  truth.

Mom fell in love with the two psycho dogs, and got a big case of puppy-itis. When she returned to Pittsburgh, she kept bugging Dad about getting a puppy: “Can we  get a puppy? (Dream dog: Giant Schnauzer) He would calmly answer: “Next year.”  Then January came and Dad pulled a quick move and continued saying, “Next year.” Mom caved to Dad’s ultimately realistic nature and acknowledged that a puppy right now would be impractical.

But Mom and I both miss  Lizzie and Gus so much.

That’s when my adventures came in. Please like us on Facebook, we’re more fun than a hedgehog that someone holds in their hand. Really!

I’m only 6” head to tail. I have  floppy paws and a tail that lists to one side; a big schnauzer beard hides my face and I have bent ears, with one that refuses to stand up  straight.

I came off the bench (okay, the bookshelf in  Mom’s office) in April,  and as a puppy, I’m stellar.

I have adventures and sometimes I take Muggins along. We’d like it if you subscribe to our blog!

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