A Man is Not a Plan, Success Strategies for Independent Women

Author: Mary Grace Musuneggi

Disclaimer: I am a friend of the author. I purchased A Man is Not a Plan and am providing an honest review.

Having known about this book since it’s inception, I was incredibly eager to read it. You would think from our conversations that I would have understood that A Man is Not a Plan is about more than finances, given that Mary Grace owns a financial planning business.

If I had my way, this book would be given to every fourteen year-old girl and be taught as a high school and college course. Yes, all three!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for fellows to read it also just to get an idea of some of the social conditioning girls are exposed to that sometimes carries into our adulthoods.

This book is not in anyway anti-man. It is about women retaining control of their independence, which is a healthy attitude to have as a single person or in a relationship.

There are hard-hitting chapters like, “If Only Cinderella Knew the Statistics,” and “Bad Things Happen for a Reason: Bad Choices.” Both of those were like getting whacked on the head with logic.

I found this to be a beautifully stated sentence, “Because, although a man can be a special part of your plan, a man is not a plan.”

If you think you’d like to take better steps to be in charge of your future, take this sentence to heart, “I’m CEO of my own life and I don’t need someone else to live a rich and full life.” Other people can add to our joys and life experiences, but they shouldn’t be the plan that we rely on.