The Devil’s Architect

By Duncan Simpson

Straight from the start, The Devil’s Architect follows the pace and thrills found in the first of the trilogy: The History of Things to Come.

Mr. Simpson continues to write in an eloquent style missing from most fiction these days. His combination of reality, history, and the cosmic is as smooth as that found in the Preston/Child Pendergast novels. Plan on staying awake few nights as you speed through this intense tale.

We pick up the story with DCI Lukas Milton and Vincent Blake investigating a gruesome crime at a church designed by architect Nicholas Hawksmoor. Excerpts from his diary from the 1600s play a huge part in the story. These sections are so well written as to draw you deeply into the life of the unbalanced architect and his legacy.

Mary and her black dog return to play a solid role in the story, appearing at the perfect moments to add mystery and explanation to what’s taking place. Blake’s daughter also has an increased part in the action as she continues to recover from the accident that set off the story in the first book.

Having read about the Ratcliffe Highway murders as well as Jack the Ripper, this story gives the reader an interesting tie into both those events as well as additional history of the darker parts of London.

The culmination of the story is wrapped up in high-velocity action that both polishes off the novel and sets the stage for the third in the series. I, for one, can’t wait to read it.

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Duncan Simpson's, The Devil's Architect

The Devil’s Architect by Duncan Simpson


Note: I received this book for free in order to write an honest review.

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