The Late Show

by Michael Connelly

I read both positive & negative reviews about this book and find myself somewhere in the middle. When I discovered Connelly’s Bosch series, he was well into several years of writing them. They were captivating and eventually I went back and read the novels in order from the beginning. The initial books were okay, but not stellar.

The Late Show, by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly’s The Late Show

Like TV shows, sometimes it takes a bit for the characters to settle into themselves and become more than what you read on the page. I expect it will be this way with Renee Ballard.


I have long said in my reviews of Connelly’s work, that he does not always write a well-rounded female character. Why? I don’t know. But Renee is the start of that. Is she rather confusing now and rough around the edges? Is she a bit of a female Bosch? Is she somewhat vague? Yes to all three questions. But I have hope and feel it would be wrong to be hypercritical of a worthwhile author who has taken this gamble on a new series …

Doing that takes guts.

So I’m going to hang in there for books two or three in this series to see what she evolves into and then decide whether or not I’ll keep reading.

About this story, specifically, I found the Ramona Ramone character to be interesting and wanted to know whether or not she would wind up getting justice. Same with the waitress killed in the bar–would she get the justice that she deserved for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The story plodded sometimes with too much police procedure that is well-known to anyone reading this genre. We all understand ballistics, fingerprints, etc. LA as setting and The Late Show as the premise were both interesting. I also hope there is a bit more to her part-time partner in the next book. Be patient, Connelly fans, I’m betting more good stuff is coming.