After watching a 40+ year old mother

and her college age daughter spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put air in their tires the other day, I thought I’d write car tips for women this week.

It can be anything from car maintenance to what tissue boxes work best. 🙂

  1. When you stop at a rest area, clear off the passenger’s seat so it looks like someone is sitting in it.
  2. Push your seat back so it appears a tall guy is driving and not a short female.
  3. Keep an eye on your tire pressure especially before a long trip (even though your car has idiot warning lights).  Keep a gauge in the glove box and “fix a flat” in the trunk.
  4. Dad said (especially in the winter) to never go under 1/2 tank of gas. You NEVER know where/how far you might have to go in a hurry…especially in Montana (where Seester lives).
  5. Have cash on hand in case your credit card doesn’t work.
  6. Does anyone still need to keep jumper cables in the car? Can still be a good idea.
  7. Know how to change your own tire — Roadside service isn’t always available.
  8. Along with this: keep walking shoes in your car, ladies! What if you’re dressed for work and wear high-heels and then have to walk a couple of miles?
  9. Keep your car owner’s manual in the car so that if a light comes on you can diagnosis the problem.
  10. Lock your car when you are pumping gas (Put the key in your pocket!). Your purse is sitting RIGHT THERE and anyone can sneak around and grab it. Alternatively, take your purse with you.
  11. Never put your window down if someone knocks on it. As women, we need to be more suspicious and less trusting when approached by unknown people—men and women. Keep the window up and talk to them through it.


Oh, and about the tire pressure? It’s in your owner’s manual (look there before holding up the line at the air station); and often on the inside of the driver’s door. Remove the valve stem cap and follow the directions on the air station.

Stay safe!

Do you have any to contribute?


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