D-Day: The Battle for Normandy

By Antony Beevor

For historians or those of us who just want to understand more about World War II and in particular, the battle of Normandy.

What a great book about D-Day. It was a very difficult read–like “We Were Soldiers Once … And Young.” The sheer statistics surrounding the dead and wounded was enough to bring me to tears. What a loss of life!

Antony Beevor’s approach was unique–he gathered information from every military force, and I think non-military, involved in the entire D-Day campaign. In so doing, he gave a 360 viewpoint of what was happening at each step of this complex battle. I had to keep reminding myself that these leaders did not have drones and cell phones and satellites for use during the fights. It was a reminder of how far technology has brought us–good and bad.

For anyone wanting to understand how vast the D-Day invasion was, this is the book to read. It is so much more than the beach landings–which were in themselves very difficult to read about.

I can’t write that I “enjoyed” this book because of the subject matter, but I am glad that I invested the time to read about something so critical in America’s history.