I started my European Travels in 2002 with an adventure to Heidelberg, Germany. Luckily, I explored there several times over the next few years and made a foray to Italy from there. For an American, it was startling to discover the colors of German buildings and the orange shades of Tuscany. I hadn’t thought of the dominance of color in architecture since my days living in Southern California. Germany has yet to be written about—hiking there is an ideal way to spend a trip. 

When my husband worked for a European company, I joined him on multiple trips. The first was to Amsterdam. Wow. Exploring Amsterdam for a few days only let me touch on touring the museums. There are so many that a month wouldn’t be enough time. 

Staying on the outskirts of Paris for one night only. What to do? Take the metro to stand under the Eiffel Tower at night. Who doesn’t need to return to the City of Lights and experience the Louvre? The Palace at Versailles? So much to see.

We spent more time in Lyon—a highly underrated city for tourists from the USA. I’d live there for a month if I could. 

A savory treat to spend several sweet days in Switzerland. Don’t skip the chocolate, the coffee, and chatting with the locals. 

couple walking in Prague

Random European Trips

Europe! So much to see! Hundreds of cathedrals to explore! So many different restaurants to dine in! Wine! Beer! Conversations with people from everywhere. When I get wanderlust (often), it’s off to Europe I want to go. 

(Author high above the city of Prague, Czech Republic)

Once you leave the United States and take that passport to Europe, your world view will change forever. There’s an involvement in life, a way of enfolding you into each moment as you’re living it. 

I love traveling in Europe and the UK—the age of places and the ease of the people. Give me castle grounds to traverse any day! 

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