Facebook makes me crazy … and I’m not giving it up.

I know a few people who have managed to withdraw from Facebook without any major repercussions. Their friends are still talking to them, they’re still interacting with the world, they still seem to be breathing in and out every day.

I’m proud of them and wish that I could do the same.

Am I addicted to FB? Heck no. I’ve had an iPhone for three years and haven’t bothered using FB on it more than a handful of times.

But … the day I finished setting up my profile, my second college roommate found me. Like, within ten minutes. We’d been looking for each other for years. Last spring I finally connected with another favorite roommate—same deal, we’d been trying to find each other for decades. Having those two women back in my life would be enough. But I have the added joy of seeing friends’ photographs, watching their families grow, seeing trip pictures … learning what other college and high school (some from grade school!) chums are up to.

Broad access to friends–old and new

If those experiences weren’t enough, The Isle of Scilly police department posts could probably keep me addicted to FB for life. Have you seen these? Please check them out. Guaranteed to take the serious  out of your life and put the pure enjoyment back in.

Why does Facebook make me crazy? It’s not the countless cute pet videos. I can choose to/not to look at those. It’s not the advertisements for weird things that pop up here and there.

It’s how it works and the fact that I don’t understand how it works. I’m pretty good at using the Office Suite, Salesforce in my day-job, and I love my writing software, Scrivener. I can easily see how this interacts with that and xx is the result.

Facebook? Not so much.

Is it me or is it them constantly changing things?

I’ll take answers to these questions and at some point will get around to asking about Twitter!

  • When I “like” something, what happens? (Does it only show up for the person who posted it or to everyone I know?)
  • When I “share” what does that mean? (It goes to everyone I know—if that’s the option I select, right?)
  • Why can’t I tell it to never, ever let a single post or comment with a curse word in it show up in my news feed?
  • How can I tell if someone wanting to friend me is real or a potential stalker? As someone wanting to properly find interested blog-subscribers, organically growing my Facebook (and Twitter and LinkedIn) networks is important. But stalking? I’d like to draw the line there.
  • Why does one person show up over and over in my news feed and other people disappear? I check—they’re still posting, but suddenly, they aren’t in my news feed.
  • What’s the difference between following someone and receiving notifications from them? Are the notifications the completely irritating thing that show up on your computer or phone in the middle of what you’re doing? Whereas the following means that everything they post shows up in your news feed?

At a recent picnic, a friend said: “Isn’t Facebook great? We get to see what’s going on in our friends’ lives.” His pure enjoyment of it nailed the reason why I continue to participate even though I don’t always “get” it!


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