Social Media is the new version of word of mouth advertising.

And this has an impact on small business owners!

Bloggers are looking for followers, subscribers—folks to share their words of wisdom or humor or whatever their topic of choice may be. And you can easily help!

Think of sharing a blog as loaning your favorite book to a friend. You’ve loved this book and want someone else to experience it, get addicted to the series, fall in love with the author.

So it goes with a blog. When it hits Facebook and you Share it, then everyone connected to you sees it.

When you comment on the blog on the writer’s site, it increases the blog’s visibility and page ranking in searches.

If it’s a business related blog and you share it on LinkedIn, your connections see it, which spreads it more.

If you’re a Twitterer, take a moment to hashtag the topic and really send that blog out into the stratosphere.

Building an audience is a slow process, but it works. Good writing combined with Social Media Sharing do the trick for us bloggers. Ready to give a hand? Thanks for all of us!