Knowing Jeri Walker from her blog (writing & editing), I had to read this book.

The stories are hard hitting and leave you emotionally tied to the characters. Having also read Jeri’s

“The Two Yosemites,” a travelogue, “Such is Life” is a drastically different book. As fiction, writers have more leeway to write from our inner worlds. It’s clear that Jeri reaches deep to pull out angst and trials to fund the people in these stories. In the depth of what could be some desperation, you’ll come away with the essence of hope. Hope that these people have moved beyond a circumstance and into a better space. Loving New Orleans, the descriptions of the city as roamed by a psychotic housewife were vivid and alive. Give the book a whirl and see what you think about the worlds created.


I paid for this book and am reviewing it without Jeri’s knowledge or input. My critique is honest.