People think of Tuscany when they first plan a trip to Italy. Tuscany is extraordinary and everything you’ll see in Under The Tuscan Sun. Go! But don’t pass up a visit to Liguria. This region contains the well-known Portofino, the growing in esteem Cinque Terre National Park, and capital city of Genoa. Liguria is also home to the underrated Camogli and Rapallo. One trip there and you’ll be planning your next as soon as you get home.

Liguria, Italy - Small boats in the harbor of Portofino
Harbor of Portofino

Liguria, Italy is Coastal Beauty

Portofino is as romantic as you’ve heard, but strolling Rapallo and Santa Margherita, slows your pace and fills your heart. Genoa is the capital of the region and is full of museums and restaurants you can’t resist. The caruggi, the narrow, twisting streets spiraling out from the historic center, encourage you to wander up and down. 

Use the Italian Trains

It’s easy for train-novices to learn how to use them for moving along the coast. And when you’re unsure? Ask someone! Folks are quite willing to help. The trains, contrary to what you may have heard, run as regularly as the notoriously on-time German trains! The same as any public transportation, keep your bags nearby. Both for safety and to keep your bad from getting in someone’s way.

Then there are the Ferries

What a treat to take the ride from Rapallo to Portofino to start our hike. I can suffer from motion sickness, but this was a breeze. Don’t hesitate to give it a whirl.

After Trains and Ferries … Walk

Italy is made for walking and hiking. Burning those calories so that you can guilt-free eat all the pasta you want!

Liguria, Italy

Liguria has a beauty to rival everything we hear about Tuscany.  It is full of blatantly obvious and hidden gems. Seek out both and you won’t be disappointed.