Cabin fever is a real thing

even in suburbia.

That’s the issue. I haven’t run away since the end of December when husband, bro, and sis-in-law took off for a weekend in Washington, D.C.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This is too long for me to be stationary.

Especially because it’s winter and I’m still hibernating despite a slight respite of the cold and a brief rise to fifty degrees this week.

Especially because I work from home and thank goodness we painted my office and it’s utterly wonderful in here. Thank goodness again since I hit the keyboard on my Mac by 6:00 each weekday to write fiction and blogs before turning the work pc on. I’m in this room a lot.

I haven’t been with friends enough—I love winter hibernation—nor have I made an effort to keep up with my business networking.

I think. I am. Getting bored!

That’s a dangerous place for RM to be.

Trust me.

It’s time for a trip.* Where? How long? A day somewhere? A weekend? Is it time to get husband to run away for a whole week? What can I do to change my perspective and get Rose to stop being a dull girl?

Could get chancy around here very soon.

The last weekend I was this bored, I built Burt & Muggins a dune buggy and Alex built them a toboggan. These critters have as many toys as a six-month-old child (and don’t tell them, but they’re … not … real. At least I don’t think so.)


I should have been a permanent traveler. When I graduated from college with a degree I never used and hated, I told my father: I think I will buy a Winnebago. (They were a big thing in the late 70s; now I’d opt for an Airstream…oh, yeah, we were going to go look at them so we can dream about our retirement purchase. Maybe that will help my boredom factor! Oh, Husband!)

I shoulda’ listened to my intuition. As many times as I packed up and moved (Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends), it sure would have been more practical, cost less money and oh yeah, kept those friends from whining about how many books I owned.

Always listen to the inner voice!

So, it’s Friday. It’s the weekend. I’m on hiatus from the novel while I contemplate the synopsis I drafted and the query that Anita Mumm is currently reviewing.

What to do, what to do.

Needing something to look forward to.

What do you do when you need to beat away the winter blues and boredom?

*Husband caught onto my state of mind and planned a trip to my beloved Cinque Terre, Italy. Jackie and I were there seven years ago and that’s too long to be away.

Genoa coffee with...


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