Existing Within and Outside of Ourselves

Relationships help us grow and change, and spirituality–in whatever way you choose to define it–is as important to our progress in life and happiness as are developing great friendships with wonderful people. Getting outside of ourselves and having deep conversations with others is a great way to develop those connections.

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How Do We Reinvent Ourselves After Fifty?

Over fifty and laid off? Or tired of what you’re doing and you’re looking for a brand new challenge? What’s next? Do you get the same job? With some good fortune, you may be alive another forty years, working for another fifteen (or more), where do you want to channel your efforts?

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Living Beneath the Surface of Our Lives

People are endlessly interesting. We humans are entertaining and unusual and quirky and have unique backgrounds and experiences and passions. What’s not to enjoy? Ah, but to find out these aspects of each other, we have to dive deep and share what lives on the inside of our hearts.

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The Gift of Friendship Made in Families

Guest post by cousin Nadine Leaman: Childhood friendships are deep and ever-lasting, no matter how grown-up life separates you. Oh but what a treat when adulthood finds you reconnecting and laughing together as new memories are made.

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Book Reviews

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Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Grief & Loss

grief is losing your parents


Laughing like children

Dad with his beloved granddaughter--two peas in a pod

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