Do you do it?

In my informal observational-survey, women are more prone to doing the head tilt than men. Why?

I’ve been aware of it in myself since high school. In too many pictures in the senior yearbook, there I am, long hair draped over a shoulder and my head tilted the other direction. Obviously, I’m not having a lot of luck breaking the habit even though I’ve been trying.

What does the head tilt mean? I’m online. I could search for something to do with body language and come up with a few answers. But let’s just talk here. What do you think the head tilt means? Could you spend the next week watching people and tell me if you witness the head tilt more in men or women—or aren’t you seeing it the way I do? How many times do you feel yourself tilting one way or the other? During what types of conversations do you see the slight dip of the head to one side happening?

Why did I start the head tilting? I wonder if it was some Cher-attribute from her show with Sonny. Didn’t she impact any number of us young women growing up in the 70s into wanting long, shiny, straight hair? Could have been responsible for the tilt, too.

Isn’t Cher why Seester had me iron her crazy curls from time to time? Hey, young women when I say “iron,” I mean IRON. Not flat iron, but ironing-your-clothes-irons. Now that’s some work. Pain was sleeping with that long hair of mine in a rubber-band on the top of my head with huge curlers on either side so my hair would be straight. What were we both thinking? Maybe I had to tilt my head to make up for sleeping flat on my back all night long.

If you watch a dog study something quirky, she’ll tilt her head one direction, then maybe the other trying to decipher what she’s seeing or perhaps assessing why a human would be doing such a peculiar thing.

In myself, it’s a bit more complicated than simply being strange. I think I do it as a non-verbal bit of submission as if I am backing down a tad from a possible confrontation, or trying to make myself appear less opinionated or strong-willed (I have a lot of opinions and stubbornness!).

Do I look that way to the person sitting across from me? Hm, good question. Let me know what you think if I tilt when we’re talking.

Murphy gives us his version of the head tilt.


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