Living a Frugal Life Doesn’t Mean I’m not Rich

If you’ve been to my home since 1981, you’re bound to have sipped a coffee or tea from these favorite of the mugs in my cupboard. In fact, when I looked there this morning, I laughed as I realized they remain the only cups I have ever purchased! The rest have been given by companies or friends. That latter makes a mug special to me, but none as special as those I collected paycheck-to-paycheck oh-so long ago.

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Do You Have Keeping Issues?

Ah, the stuff we collect over the many years of our lives. Family and friends know how often I’ve moved, so pack-ratting is not a part of my DNA. But I have to admit to being sentimental about certain of my belongings … how about you? When do you keep a thing and when do you move it on?

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Book Reviews

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Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Grief & Loss

grief is losing your parents


Laughing like children

Dad with his beloved granddaughter--two peas in a pod

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