Italy – Liguria

Italy – Liguria


Wandering to Santa Margherita on the Red Carpet

If you don’t make it to a Hollywood bash to stroll down the rolled out red rug, try ambling along the Ligurian version. In looking for fun and different things to do, our hotel proprietor suggested the freshly unveiled and longest Red Carpet (Germany formerly held the...

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Surviving the Hike from Portofino to San Fruttuoso

Or, How I lost my favorite pink hat in the Italian woods… Joining our friends from Milan, Lorenzo and Silena, at the ferry, we hopped on and enjoyed a quick ride from Rapallo to Portofino. Seeing Rapallo from the Gulf of Tigullio was a treat—the city sprawls and...

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A Notable and Truly Steep Hike in Rapallo, Italy

If there’s a hike to remember around Rapallo on the Italian coast, it’s the one down from Nostra Signora di Montallegro located above the city. The Hotel Vesuvio concierge, Luciano, checked our footwear (Oboz hiking shoes) and forewarned: “It is very steep.” Unlike...

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In the Italian Riviera? Don’t skip Camogli!

One visit to Camogli leaves you eager to return for more. Even these two Americans, who are notorious for dining early, took our leisurely time dining at Bagni Lido seaside restaurant in Camogli on the Ligurian coast north of Portofino. We had elaborate dinners,...

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Delectable, Tantalizing Italian Foods Not to Miss

Italian dining! Epicure, connoisseur, gourmet or foodie…whatever title you assign yourself, Italy is the place you want to be for succulent dining. The food is closely tied to the various regions, which explains the rise of Eataly restaurants throughout the country...

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I Have a Thing for Door Knockers

Yes, I have a thing for door knockers, what can I say? I frequently think of moving to Europe just so I can have a door with one of these amazing knockers smack dab in the middle of it. It makes me sad that in the USA we have doorbells that arbitrarily quit working or...

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How to Pack Lightly for Italy

When Seester and I took our infamous trip to the Cinque Terre in March of 2007, our luggage was lost for seven of the ten days of our vacation. Seven. Count’em. US Airways could not have been less helpful or caring—both during the trip or after when we tried to recoup...

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