Truly, I can’t count the number of times in the last five years that I’ve said to Alex:

Can I have a puppy?

Why I feel I have to ask before going out and getting a puppy is a testament to our team status.

Why he continues to say “next year,” is a testament to his practicality.

We travel a lot. The last two years we were gone frequently as his job took him to Europe. Like I could resist seeing more of Italy, Germany, and France? Making first trips to Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid or Prague? Not hardly.

But I work from home—wouldn’t it be smart to have a dog now? I’d be here to spend time with it, right?

He’s still traveling—just not anywhere I’m going. That means I’m home and I’m home a lot.  Alone.

Now, I’m a writer, being alone is what we do. I was single for decades, so I’m pretty good at being on my own and entertaining myself. But this is the first time I’ve lived in suburbia and been employed with a full-time, at-home job. In Red Lodge, Montana when I was self-employed I did some work from home, I went to some offices … I walked everywhere and was always out and about with people.

Not the same as your typical subdivision in Pittsburgh. There’s no coffee shop I can walk to where I can be around people, but still sit quietly and work.

Nope. No company at all.

My sister has two dogs: Lizzie and Gus. They are Airedales and a close match to the Schnauzer I think I would like to have. They have distinctive personalities and frankly, I miss them. Okay, not as much as I miss Seester, but…

So I’m looking for all the pros and cons on dog-ownership (or do they own you?). What can you volunteer?

Dream dog: Giant Schnauzer. I think they are the coolest dogs out there. I believe in the two-dog philosophy, so how fun would it be to have a giant and a miniature? Ha! Okay, giving our house size, a standard and a miniature would make a lot more sense.

But is having a dog about being sensible?


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