That’s not always a bad thing, you know.

Especially when it’s a friend … a really good friend … pushing you right over the edge of a great big chasm into something new.

I have friends who do that. Some of them jump in after me, which is always nice. But mostly our paths, our cliffs, are different. So they push, I go and as I’m falling, I’m thinking: WHAT THE HECK?

Then my feet hit land and I start walking and this brand new path I’ve discovered starts to feel pretty good underneath me.

Friends—those true people who have nothing but your best interests at heart—are great catalysts to make us do new things. They’re the ones that keep us from seeing all the bad that could come out of some new attempt and instead focus our eyes on the dreaded sameness that will be our lives if we don’t change.

Sometimes the push is a more gentle suggestion.

Like the May three years ago when I was stuck, positively stuck in my life and had no idea how to get myself out of the mire and moving again. We’d just lost both parents, a dear uncle, and a dear friend was on the verge. May, into June, stepping into July…it was all tumultuous. And I was stuck.

I tried to keep my old life operating. After all, I’d had it for several years and was happy with many parts of it.

But things kept falling to pieces. This suddenly stopped working. That took a plunge into the abyss. And the Other Thing? Well, I’ve no idea where it even went.

From the mouths of the sweetest, sister Jackie, came the quiet suggestion:

Why don’t you come and stay with John and me for a while until you figure things out?


The idea percolated for a very short time because as soon as that door was open… As soon as I began thinking of the possibility of spending recovery-time with my sister, my life changed. The bottom of the ugly chasm I’d been facing started to raise up to meet me. Hard, beautifully green turf appeared right there at my toes and plans fell rapidly into place. Within two weeks I had figured out what I was doing, how it would happen, what I needed (bless my brother and my friends) to get it done, and wow did things change.

I slept. For the first time in years, I slept through the night. I woke up clear-headed, ready to attack the days.

It was amazing.

And from the moment that Seester pulled me into the cliff of six months with her, my life has continually improved. My blessings abound, I haven’t felt stuck, the life I returned to in Pittsburgh with Alex has been non-stop full of goodness. My friends here … how does one woman get to have so many varied and wonderful friends?

There aren’t any new cliffs in my line of vision. Maybe because I’m not feeling stuck right now. Life is good and full of challenges and change.

What I want to know from you is: Any cliffs I can push you from?