I am a lifelong red-haired, freckle-covered woman who comes with all the associated baggage of growing up short,

I believe in the golden rules of life. My parents taught me to laugh often, never ever take myself seriously, be helpful and laugh … oh wait I said that already.

I grew up in the country outside of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, went to York College of Pennsylvania, hung out in Denver, Colorado for a while, back to PA, to Columbus, Ohio, to Whittier, California, to my beloved Montana, and back to PA. My Uncle D accuses me of being in the Witness Protection program. Somehow he keeps finding me!

I’m a stumbling, learning Christian who’s figuring out what that’s all about. 

I’m only allowed to say so much about my husband, Alex here. He’s the reticent type and too much publicity makes him antsy. Suffice it to say he’s some of the best entertainment to be found.

Life is good–let’s celebrate it with joy every day!


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