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I am My Father’s Daughter

“What a dad!” That’s what my siblings and I continue to say about our father—his passing hasn’t diminished the impact he has on our lives. Grief can be too encompassing, holding you in and keeping you in its darkness. Or grief can be a celebration of a person’s life, of the legacy they bequeathed you. Here’s a blog about what Dad meant to me. I hope it helps you get to know him, just a bit.

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Book Review: Gratitude in Motion

Reading books of overcoming crushing physical circumstances can bring us to tears and laughter, cause anger and insight. This story will have you turning the pages as you strive to understand how Ms. Alexander lived through getting run over by a freight truck—both front and back tires. Yes, run over. Not hit, not blown off the road by the wind force of a big truck. The driver literally looked her in the eye, pulled in front of her, ran over her and tried to flee the scene. What a launch to a story.

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Surrendering Your Heart to the Moments

I love the Internet. I love email. The fact that I can say hello to five friends across the US, in Canada, in Europe and perhaps have only minutes go by before I hear back from them is a gift. I can let them know that I’m thinking of them right … now … when a phone call isn’t always possible. What blessing.

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RoseMary Griffith

RoseMary Griffith, Montana winter

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