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Living a Frugal Life Doesn’t Mean I’m not Rich

If you’ve been to my home since 1981, you’re bound to have sipped a coffee or tea from these favorite of the mugs in my cupboard. In fact, when I looked there this morning, I laughed as I realized they remain the only cups I have ever purchased! The rest have been given by companies or friends. That latter makes a mug special to me, but none as special as those I collected paycheck-to-paycheck oh-so long ago.

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Those Times When You Aggravate Yourself

Is there something in your house that you have to do and you hate to do and you put off doing it as long as you can? No, I’m not talking about dusting—which is right at the top of things that have to be done that I deplore doing. As a kid, I’d put the brush attachment on the old can vacuum and use it inhale the dust from furniture and suck up cigarette butts from the ashtrays. Until I clogged the machine and mom caught me and made me go back to using a rag.
But I digress…

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The People Behind Us…

Since there’s nothing I can do to change other people’s behavior, I must adjust my attitude. Sigh, I get it and promise I will start appreciating the humor people provide and the niceness that exists in the world and everyone who is kind when our paths cross. Tomorrow.

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