My family is not calm.

There have not really been any aspects of my family who ever have been calm. They. Are. Nuts.

This is especially apparent to me when I spend time with Seester and her family:

Husband – funniest bro-in-law Ever.
Daughter and Best-son-in-law-Ever.
Son and Sweetest-daughter-in-law-Ever, granddaughter (4) and grandson (2.5).
Then the dogs. But let’s not go there for now.*

It is resounding mayhem and non-stop energy. There is swinging, singing, farming, horse-visiting, dog-petting, out loud book reading, eating, bike riding, munching, fire-building, fire-tending, flies to be swatted, crayons to be used…and that’s just the adults.

Surely, I jest.
I do.

Kids invigorate adults to remember childhood games and rhymes—when’s the last time you did the Hokey-Pokey? And what exactly is that? We’re not sure either, but the lot of us dove into it and taught the little ones how to hokey-poke.

When is the last time you pushed a kid on a swing as the four year old requested: “higher, higher!” or better yet, swung on the swing yourself?

My time around little children has been sporadic (because my friends with kids know me so well) since Jenny and Adam were tots thirty years ago. Being around these buggers was a total change for me.

Which explains why I started writing this while hiding in the Nest,  wishing the fire were bigger and the wind lesser. Noted brother-in-law revived me with a glass of Middle Sister Rebel Red Wine. Haven’t tried it? Please do. The label: “If anyone tells you they don’t like red wine, stop talking to them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

The Nest

The Nest (Designed & Built by LoPresti Masonry)

Middle Sister Rebel Red - California wine

I’m sure our family growing up and our family now has dysfunction in it—isn’t that human nature?

But hanging out with Seester and crew, I was hard pressed to see anything besides humor, love, respect, tolerance, and I’ll add—protection. Kids draw that out of us—even confirmed non-mothers such as myself. If you care about your relationship with them, you want them to grow up whole, as unscathed as any of us can, and with crazy chaos surrounding and enriching their lives!

So when is the last time you: Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about…?

*The dogs. I simply can’t close without a nod to the dogs. Lizzie and Gus, ten and nine, Airedales. Seester describes them like this: “It’s funny how different two dogs can be. In the morning Lizzie is like RoseMary. Feet flying out the door …. jumping around and greeting everyone. Gus likes to lay in his bed until he absolutely has to get up … or he gets up, goes outside to do his thing, comes back in and goes back to bed… that’s me.”

Gus (L) & Lizzie (R)

Gus (L) & Lizzie (R)


Gus, unlike Seester, actually groans in the a.m. as he flips from side to side, stacking his feet up against the log wall. His nickname, due to said sound effects, is The Wookie.

Secretly, I think they have nicknamed Lizzie RM in honor of me. Morning spazzes unite.