The Logos Code

by Duncan Simpson

I like to read stories about the Freemasons and Knights Templar and the foes they rally against. The Logos Code finds Vincent Blake and DCI Lukas Milton teaming up to battle a murderer targeting those that would protect the Logos Stone—a relic pulled from history to launch the bad guys into power and the earth into darkness.

Mary and the black dog return as allies of Vincent and Milton, providing clues in her mysterious ways and drawing the wrath of the villains as the good guys pursue the Logos Stone to preserve humanity.

As with Simpson’s previous books in the trilogy, this third draws on a great deal of factual historical events to lead any history buff in to doing a bit of online searching. Remember that the back of his books include tidbits on what is real within the novel. If you’re intrigued, pick up a copy of Secrets from the Dark Horizon – A Reader’s Companion, which will guide you physically—or from afar—through the streets of London learning about the architecture and hidden secrets of the city.

This speedy thriller includes memorable character descriptions, which is important in a story with multiple players, especially when some are referred to by cryptic names such as Teacher and Apprentice. I never lost track of who was speaking or being spoken to.

Carla Sabatini joins the tale due to the murder of her estranged father—a protector of the Logos secret, something she never knew about until now. Duncan’s female characters are never just props to move the story forward. From Mary to Carla, they stand as independent characters vital to the action and well-rounded individuals. Bravo to making the reader’s heart stop and start and pound in anticipation as these women are woven through the action.

If you’re starting the series with this book, never fear, The Logos Code stands alone … but I’m betting you’ll be drawn to go back and read the first two.