The Two Yosemites: A Travelogue Book

by Jeri Walker

This book provides a good point of view on our National Parks — especially appropriate now.

As someone who has also puzzled over the drive-through park-goers, I could identify with a lot of what Ms. Walker talks about in this book. About the wanting to get into the insides of a National Park and experience the way the first explorers did. To see beyond the pavement of the roads or the asphalt of certain trails.

I remember traveling to the King’s Canyon/Sequoia Parks in the late 80s and wanting to get out of the car and walk, walk, walk. Smell the trees, touch the fauna, but the person I was with was a car-visitor. Let’s not get too close to nature, you know?

This was a quick read that causes you to linger over the question: What do I want as my take-away when I visit one of the USA’s glorious Parks?

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