Travel journals to record memories

Dreaming of discovering the new…

  • Do you remember your last extraordinary vacation?
  • Your body and soul felt suffused with the wonder of it all?
  • The name of the cliff where you snapped that splendid sunset photo would never be forgotten.
  • Where you had a perfect cappuccino and almond croissant, sitting at a bistro table in the morning sun while enveloped by the silky sounds of Italian?
  • Or how you made a momentary connection with  – what was her name? Afina? – while hiking rocky coastal terrain?

Tiny details define a trip, and you’re sure you’ll remember each one.

I know.

As a writer, I know I’ve memorized them. But, after a few weeks of the routines at home, notable moments start to fade.

This journal came about after a trip my sister Jackie and I made to Wales in 2016. We had adventures on trains, in buses, with a crazy taxi driver or two, meeting incredible people at more than one soul-captivating location.

The completely blank travel journal I had wasn’t helping my brain track crucial encounters. Wondering how I could prompt better recall resulted in this book’s design.

This unique journal encourages tracking historical sites, fun people, photo locations, and more special moments.

I’ve included excerpts from my travel blogs to inspire you to see, to try the new, and to take into your heart the changes that travel can bring into your world.

Travel Journal Specifications:

Backpack-able – 5.5” x 8”
Softcover – Glossy, Laminated, Sturdy
Lightweight – 104 pages (blue books) to 155 pages (writer’s book)
60# paper – loves a micro Uni-ball pen (my personal favorite)
Costs (plus tax & shipping):
Musings Blue, perfect bound: $5.99
Musings Blue, spiral bound: $10.00
The Writer’s Travel Journal: $13.99

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If you’re in Montana, journals are available at Market 5555, 101 Broadway Avenue, Red Lodge!