There’s so much to see when doing a bit of USA traveling! 

New Orleans, Savannah, Tampa and other sunny Florida spots. New York (not just the city), Charleston, and let’s not forget my native state of Pennsylvania.

I’ve had friends from Europe jaunt from New York to New Orleans and north again—covering it in ten days. By the same token, friends have traveled to Europe, to seven cities in ten days. That’s not my kind of travel, but we don’t experience places the same ways, do we?

I want to take ten days to enjoy maybe two places. Driving around the United States—the vastness of it and the varied history of it—give me weeks to explore! 

autumn colors of maples, oaks, elms


My home state has a lot to offer–bustling cities, but vast expanses of woodlands waiting to be explored.

Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii


The beauty of Hawaii–it’s so much more than you see in movies and TV shows.

autumn colors of maples, oaks, elms

Washington, DC

Our national’s capital is an amazing place to visit. I’d like to live there for six months to take it all in. Have you benn?

New York Skaneateles Lake

New York

Western, Upstate, the lovely isle of Manhattan. There’s a lot to see in New York State.

Shadows on the USA's Rocky Mountains in Colorado

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USA traveling means taking a long, leisurely drive around the country. You’ll realize what a varied history we contain.

USA Traveling

Our culture is unique—from the accents spoken in Boston to Valley Girls in California. Do a bit of USA traveling–explore, explore, explore, and always keep an open mind.

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