Living or road tripping through the western USA is an adventure everyone should be lucky enough to indulge in. I spent ten years living in Montana and had more than one jaunt between there and Pennsylvania. Be prepared for weather changes and be prepared to be dazzled by the sights! 

In Montana, I lived in the mountain town of Red Lodge—northeast entrance to Yellowstone Park. The Beartooth Mountains dominate this segment of the Rocky Mountain Range. At the warmest times of years, peaks are snowcapped and stunning.

Once upon another time I lived in Denver and spent time around that city—Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo. Grand experiences. When we spent a few days in Rocky Mountain Park, I saw new aspects of this grand mountain range. 

Views change when you change your point of view.

Western USA Custer Forest & Glacier Lake, Montana, Bond of Sisters


What a joy to live in Big Sky Country and form long-living friendships–with the people and the place. Hiking in the Custer Gallatin National Forest will leave you gasping. Steep hills and amazing views.

Shadows on the peaks of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, western USA

More Western States

Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, the Dakotas, Kansas–we had a journey covering them all. What joy! Yet, how many states have I missed?

Explore the Western USA

You won’t be disappointed by a road trip west or landing at an airport and breathing in Ponderosa Pine air. 

One more note…

I love traveling in Europe and the UK—the age of places and the ease of the people. Plus riding trains is my favorite form of travel—unequivocally. My dream is to live there for six months.

In Wales, Germany, Italy … give me castle grounds to traverse and explore! 

Still, there’s something great about getting in the car and hitting the road to see the United States.

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